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protect their rights.

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I recently got arrested in Gwinnett County and I received over 40 letters from Attorneys and spoke with assistants or just left  messages. When I called the Law Office of David S. Lee, Mr. Lee actually answered the phone and was very knowledgeable regarding the misdemeanor charges against me and answered all of my questions.  Eventually, I spoke with all of the Attorneys that I called, but I felt like they were just interested in telling me what I wated to hear to get my business. I decided to hire Attorney Lee and it was the best decision because he was able to get my charges reduced and was always available when I needed to ask him questions.  I would definitely recommend the Law Office of David S. Lee to anyone who has been charged with a crime in Gwinnett County.

 - Gary R. (Lawrenceville)

I was charged with a serious Felony and thought my life was over.  Then I saw Mr. Lee's adversiment on Google and decided to give him a call to set up a consultation.  I spoke directly with Mr. Lee and he immediately made me feel better and made me feel like everything was going to be okay.  It took over 2 years for my case to get resolved, but during that whole time, Mr. Lee was just a phone call away to answer my questions and ease my mind. In the end, my charges were dismissed and I was able to move on with my life. A++++++++ for Mr. Lee.

  - Mary B. (Duluth)

I was charged with Shoplifting in Gwinnett County last year.  I called what felt like a million attonreys, but when I met with Mr. Lee, I knew he would help me.  After having been in this awful situation, I can honestly say that Mr. Lee goes the extra mile.  Highly recommend.

  - Amanda L. (Suwanee)

I received a DUI in Gwinnett and I was horrified.  I thought I'd never get a job, I was embarrassed, and didn't know what to do.  A friend of mine told me to call Mr. Lee.  I called and he immediately scheduled me a consultation.  After meeting with Mr. Lee I knew this was the right place.  He didn't make me any promises, but gave me reasonable expectations and more importantly, reminded me that I wasn't a bad person.  Oh, and did I mention that he was able to get the DUI charge reduced.  Mr. Lee is amazing.  If you are in trouble CALL HIM.

 - Kelly S. (Lawrenceville)

When my son got a DUI in Gwinnett, I was so upset that I wasn't going to help him at all.  But than my sister told me that because my son was under 21 years of age that it was important to hire an Attorney right away.  She recommended the Law Office of David S. Lee because Mr. Lee had helped her when her daughther got a DUI a couple of years ago.  I called and spoke with Mr. Lee directly.  Boy am I glad that I called because I almost missed a deadline to preserve my son's license.  Mr. Lee was very good about explaining everything and making sure that all the little details were covered.   I recommend Mr. Lee to anyone that has criminal issues in Gwinnett.

- Paul C (Norcross)

When I received a DUI , a good friend of mine said I should call the Law Office of David S. Lee.  She said that Mr. Lee actually got her DUI dismissed.  I called Mr. Lee and he was great.  He moved his schedule around to meet with me that same day.  Within 5 minuets I could tell he obviously knew what he was doing.  Mr. Lee said he wouldn't make any promises, but thought he could help me.  Well, he definitely did.  I would 100% recommend Mr. Lee.  Thank you for giving me a new start.

 - Fredrick R (Buford)

My husband was charged with several serious felonies and was denied bond.  We hired an attorney who took our money and did absolutely nothing for weeks.  Whenever, I would call for an update, the attorney would tell me that he was working on it and to just trust him.  After a month of nothing happening and no answers, I could not trust him anymore and I had to let him go to find a new attorney.  Luckily, I came across Mr. Lee's advertisement on Google and decided to give him a call.  It Isurprised me that  Mr. Lee answered the call himself.  I was ready to either leave a message or speak with an assistant.  Mr. Lee explained that when it comes to criminal matters, he handles everything himself and does not rely on assistants because he knows that dealing with a criminal matter is very stressful and he wants to make sure that when clients need to speak with him, they have a direct line.  When I met with Mr. Lee, I explained the situation and he immediately told me what needed to happen in order for my husband to get a bond.  He explained the whole process and procedure in detail which I really appreciate it. The good news is that we retained Mr. Lee and he was able to get a bond for my husband.  The case is still pending, but I am confident that Mr. Lee will do everything he can to secure a favorable outcome. Highly Recommend!!!!

- Tina L. (Suwanee)

With so many attorneys out there, its hard to find one you feel comfortable with.  That is until you meet with Mr. Lee.  You will immediately feel comfortable with him and know that he has your best interest in mind.  Now, he won't sugarcoat anything.  He will tell you exactly how it is, but this way you know what to expect.  I'll never get in trouble again, but if I do, no doubt I will call Mr. Lee.

- William J. (Snellville)

I got a DUI last year.  I called several law firms and attorneys.  They all seemed to say the same thing.  They just wanted me to pay them their fee and just trust them.  I didn't like that.  I ended up calling the Law Office of David S Lee and I was very pleased.  Mr. Lee seemed to care about what I wanted.  Everyone else told me I wouldn't be able to drive for like a year.  This would mean I'd be fired from my job and lose everything.  Mr. Lee actually explained to me the process and gave me options.  Ended up saving my license, my time and a lot more.  Very Satisfied and would Highly Recommend.

 - Tim. Y. (Dacula)

My Daughter was charged with a misdemeanor in Gwinnett and we received tons of advertisements from attorneys in the mail.  I called several of them but never spoke with an attorney directly until I called Mr. Lee.  He not only answered the call himself, he was able to accommodate my schedule by meeting with me on Saturday.  After meeting with Mr. Lee, I knew that he was not only very knowledgeable with the criminal justice system in general, but was very knowledgeable with the Gwinnett County system as well.  I felt very comfortable hiring Mr. Lee to handle my daughter's case.  In the end, the charges against my daughter was dismissed.  Thank you Mr. Lee for a great job.

 - Jose E. (Grayson)

When my son got into some serious trouble through the internet, I did a lot of research into how to hire the right attorney.   I Met with attorneys that were recommended by my family and friends as well as attorneys that I found through advertisements.  I must have spoken with at least 10 attorneys or more.  I can honestly say that out of all the attorneys that I met with, Mr. Lee was by far the easiest to contact by phone as well as meet in person.  Everytime I called, Mr. Lee answered the phone and I never had to leave a message.   Most of the attorneys that I met with had similar experience and fees, but I ultimately decided to go with Mr. Lee because I wanted the peace of mind to know that I would be able to speak with Mr. Lee whenever I needed to.  It took over 2 years to resolve my son's case and there were times when I was stressed out and needed to ask a question or just needed to speak with Mr. Lee and all I had to do was to call him and he would answer.  I cannot stress enough how crucial that was in me and my family getting through this ordeal.  In the end, we were very satisfied with how the case was resolved and we would definitely recommend Mr. Lee.

- Bianca N. (Lilburn)